Welded vs. Weldless Kettles and Pots

Tim Moore

When be started manufacturing our kettles we had a decision to make, offer both welded and weldless designs or go with all welded kettles and pots. When we looked at the pros and cons, the decision was an easy one. Welded kettles are superior to weldless designs in just about every way possible. 

Sanitary design. With welded kettles there are no gaskets or voids for bacteria to hide, although the boil process will likely kill all of the bacteria, who wants that hanging around on their brew kettles?

  • Leak free design. With welded kettles there are no leaks...ever. While many people have success forming a leak free seal with weldless kettles and pots, it only takes one small crack in a gasket or accidental loosening to ruin a brew day.
  • Ease of cleaning. Fittings are easily removed with welded kettles for a complete post brew day cleanup. With weldless kettles most poeple leave the fittings in place and attempt to clean the kettle around the fittings...again this leads to hidden bacteria.
  • Built for a lifetime. Welded kettles will last a lifetime with no maintenance or parts to replace, weldless kettles will eventually have gaskets and seals that will go bad.

While welded kettles can be a little more expensive, in the long run they will provide a better value. Just one ruined batch of beer would easily exceed the cost savings of a cheap weldless kettle.

For us the decision was easy, to provide the highest quality products weldless designs simply would not be an option.