$ 5,490.00

New version 3 now shipping. 

The most advance Semi-Automatic Keg Washer on the Market! 

Note: Due to high order volume we currently have an approximate manufacturing lead time of 8 weeks. 

Our Semi-Automatic keg washer takes the pain and manual labor out of cleaning your empty kegs. Fully automatic with the exception of loading the keg onto the platform. We set out to create the most advanced semi-automatic washer on the market. By being the direct manufacturer (Made in the U.S.A.) we are able to keep our costs low by building every part of the system in house. 

  • PLC touch Screen Operation 5 Stage cleaning cycle (pre-rinse, caustic wash, rinse, sanitize and CO2 Purge)
  • Temperature controlled heated caustic tank (requires 30A 208V or 240V single phase circuit) To only maintain temperature you can use a 120V 15A circuit.
  • Available with one or two keg stations (Single approx 15 kegs per hour, double 30 kegs)
  • 3 dedicated tanks, fresh water, caustic, sanitizer
  • CO2 Bottle storage
  • Set to all CO2 purge, or air purge between cycles and final CO2 purge and pressurize.
  • Pump on/off cycling to clean spear exterior.
  • Each cycle is fully customizable bu the end user.
  • Timed fresh water refill
  • Up-gradable software if new features are released. 
  • UL/CSA listed

CO2 tank, Air Compressor and kegs not included.

This product does not ship free. Freight charges will be billed prior to shipping. This product is built to order. 

Download Keg Washer Manual